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City View June Financial Seminars Series

Are you financially prepared for retirement?  Or have you planned for retirement and need to know how to plan for estate succession?  Then this financial seminar series is for YOU!  Join our experts from London Life and Freedom 55 Financial as they walk us through a 4-part seminar series on everything that you need to know about planning for retirement.

June 5th @ 2:30 PM – Tax Efficient Retirement Planning: When to start using RRSP and other savings, CPP Benefits, OAS, and Ensuring that you have enough!

June 12th @ 2:30 PM – Estate and Wealth Conservation for Seniors and Elderly: Investment Options, privacy concerns, probate, how to avoid market risk while still letting your money work for you.

June 19th @ 2:30 PM – Tax Efficient Estate and Wealth Transfer: Handling capital gains, additional sources of income, tax liability of registered investments, and estate boosting

June 26th @ 3:30 PM – Preparing for Succession, Making it Stress Free for your Loved Ones: Understanding your assets, gifting, estate boosting, wills and the roles of the Executor


Please RSVP to City View Retirement to confirm your attendance at 613-518-4627.  All are welcome!

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