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It’s The Best View in the City!

See below the wonderful testimonal from Jewel FM who attended our community BBQ and Car Wash this weekend!  We raised $500 for Eldercare and had a lot of fun doing it!



Jewel 98.5 Ottawa-Gatineau




ell at least from where I was standing on Saturday at City View Retirement on Meadowlands Drive.

I gotta say this place just makes me want to live there especially if they have Margaret, Cathleen and Isabelle on hand.

Let’s start with Margaret who runs the place, more or less, she is absolutely one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She knows every resident by name and whatever your need, she takes care of it…..sure she has people to do things but she is very hands on and that 8 hour work day means nothing to her, heck even working weekends some weeks too.

Over to Isabelle who is a firecracker, you want energy and fun, that is the gal to talk to. She takes care of everything with a smile and a bounce in her step and between you and I, you don’t want to mess with her, she is great shape that one 🙂

Then there’s Cathleen, who really runs the place and plus she is Puppy Queen so how can she not run the place. Cathleen is another that knows everyone by name and for a lot of the residents, she is their best friend. She talks and relates to everyone as if they’re family and isn’t that what you want with a retirement place?

These three gals put on the best events too from dinner parties to paint nights to the car wash and bbq on the weekend which incidentally raised close to $500 for the Eldercare Foundation.

See why I say it’s the best view because these three gals make this a fun and happy place to be and if they stay there, its where I want to end up someday too 🙂 Did I also mention they have puppies 😉

Photo Credit: Ryan Beacom/Codi Jeffreys

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