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Meet Ingrid

This afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting with Ingrid in her lovely studio while she served me coffee in beautiful china.  We talked about her incredible history.

Ingrid grew up in Germany.  She began her career at only 17 years old after graduating from Home Economics.  After taking the 2 year course she was employed through the English Headquarters to run households.

Ingrid’s first job was working for a family whose 4 year old son won her over by showing her all of his beautiful stuffed animals and then telling her she was hired.  Even though Ingrid was trained in Home Economics, and was not interviewing for the Nanny position,  she ended up bonding with the little boy, Alexander, and becoming his full time live-in Nanny.  She even relocated with the family to Scotland.

Ingrid went on to waitress at the RA Centre where her boss, The Captain, as they called him, taught her the importance of high standards.  They hosted many events and weddings. She also worked in the German Embassy and signed a contract with a German family in Canada.  It was here that she met her husband, a gardener, who worked for the Government of Canada. They had two sons, and Ingrid made the decision to give up work to raise her family full time.  When they were older she ran a small house cleaning business. She smiles fondly recalling how they met in March, were engaged in June and married in July. He was the love of her life.  Sadly, he passed away 17 years ago.

It was almost 5 years ago that Ingrid made the decision to give up her town home and move into City View Retirement.

Ingrid told me stories about her many prized possessions.  She is very sentimental and proud to still own the cabinet that her parents bought when she was only 16 years old.  We talked about her impeccable organization skills and how even though her studio is small, she feels she has used the space well and she has been able to keep her belongings that she cherishes.  She has even repurposed some of the original wallpaper from her family home.

Ingrid loves gardening and was the president of the gardening club at City View up until this year.  Her back no longer allows her to do it, but she stays busy running the pub and is also City Views ambassador.  She is very social and says she always wants to make everyone feel welcome in their new home.




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